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August 28, 2008

Verizon nabs the Blitz: someone has thought of the children

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by Paul Miller, posted Aug 25th 2008 at 9:52AM

This one has been in the works for a while, but Verizon has appropriated UTStarcom’s TXT8010 my-first-QWERTY phone for tweens and dropped it onto an unsuspecting market with the new “Blitz” moniker. The slider phone will run you $70 with a two year contract, is available now, and includes a few perks like VCAST Music, a microSD slot, 1.3 megapixel camera and stereo Bluetooth to keep your jaded child interested.

The Verizon Wireless BlitzTM has a square form factor that makes this handset funky and unique. Geared to the younger messaging and music fanatic, this compact device sports a full QWERTY slide out keyboard and one touch access to a 1.3MP camera. Customers can also sync their favorite tunes from their computer, and with up to 4 GB of expandable memory, they’re in charge of their music.

Now for the fun stuff
Younger customers who are interested in texting, music and pictures will love the cool form factor and quick access to the features most important to them. And Mom and Dad will appreciate the affordability!
􀂄 Speed Texters – The Verizon Wireless BlitzTM appeals to the teen crowd looking to “speed text” or send one message right after another. The full QWERTY keyboard and My Messaging Key makes texting fun & easy, and the cool form factor will keep them excited.
􀂄 Music Lovers – Take note! The Verizon Wireless BlitzTM lets customers sync music right from their computer to the phone via the included USB sync cable. Customers will never miss a beat of their favorite songs when on the go.
Break it down for the customer
Qualifying every customer during the sales process ensures that we reduce returns by getting the right phone in the hands of the right customer. Here are a few situations you may see with this device.
“I want a phone that can take pictures, play music, instant message, but is different and has some character.”
Check this one out. The all new Verizon Wireless BlitzTM allows you to Instant Message using your AOL, Windows, or Yahoo messenger accounts. With a 1.3MP camera and the self portrait mirror on the back, you can take pictures like never before. You can even sync your favorite songs from your computer, and listen to them with a Stereo Bluetooth headset. All these cool capabilities in this unique compact square device will help you stand apart from the crowd.
“I always text message but tapping out letters on my phone is a pain. I was wondering if you had something with a keyboard, but that’s still cool.”
We’ve got you covered. The Verizon Wireless BlitzTM has a cool new shape and its slide out QWERTY keyboard makes texting a snap. But it does more than just text, it also does Mobile Email, Mobile IM, and Picture Messaging. So you don’t have to just text them, send a picture with your text instead.

At a Glance

Easy messaging, music, and pictures make the BlitzTM an exciting new item.
Check out the following features and capabilities:

– Slide out QWERTY Keyboard
– Speakerphone
– 1.3 MP camera
– Text/ Mobile IM / Picture
– Mobile Email
– Up to 4 GB microSD™
– Sync music from computer via USB sync cable
– Stereo Bluetooth® capable
– VZ NavigatorSM
– Chaperone-enabled
– Ringtones, Wallpaper, Games and more


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