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September 3, 2008

Samsung Glyde Rebate Change

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Samsung Glyde Rebate was $100 till Sep 1.

But now, it low down to $50


Visa Rebate Card

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– Starting with our Sept. 2 rebate offers, our new Visa Rebate Card will replace rebate checks for all mail-in rebates (MIR)
– Options for Redemption:
# Use instantly – anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted
# Redeem for cash at any Visa member bank
# Transfer funds to any bank account online
# Request a paper check to deposit at the bank of their choosing
– Visa cards are embossed with the customers name, the dollar amount, and the expiration date (12 months from date of issue)
– Cards are mailed in a customized card carrier that explains the redemption options available, along with a Quick Tips guide that provides additional information and tips for use
– These are not Verizon Wireless gift cards, and are non-reloadable

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